Custom Stickers

Stickers are everywhere. Products, books, cars, phones etc. But amidst all the stickers on sale, sometimes you just can’t find what you want.

Instead of spending hours searching for the right sticker/s, why not get exactly what you want and create your own?

Stickers can be cheap when printed in bulk, on substandard material and from overseas which is fine if you want a throw away sticker for a one time purpose. But when you want your sticker to be something personal and last a long time, consider a higher quality custom sticker.

At The Sticker Place, we make it easy and convenient to create custom stickers online. Using our quick and intuitive online sticker creator, you will be able to design and order high quality flat and domed stickers in just a matter of minutes. Our premium vinyl stickers are built to last. With strong adhesive and resin coating, stickers retain their shape and colours even in Australian weather conditions.

The Sticker Place┬áhas over 10 years of experience creating high-quality stickers online for personal and corporate use. We have high-quality products with a low price and fast delivery. Our online sticker maker provides the flexibility you need to create exactly what you want. If you have any questions about how our design, printing or shipping process works, don’t hesitate to call us directly.

With The Sticker Place you get more than a product, you get a solution.
From concept to manufacture, The Sticker Place has the solution.
The Sticker Place is the right solution!

Sticker Creator

Need a sticker? Then look no further.