Stuck on what to get mum for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is that one time of the year we put in great effort to show our mums the appreciation they deserve. They have put so much effort into our lives and even those around us that a gift on Mother’s Day is the least we can do to honour our awesome mothers.

With so much seeming to ride on this one day in the year, we want to make it something really special and are willing to get them almost anything. Jewellery, clothing, flowers, candles, no gift is too much. Yet it can still be hard to buy something to communicate just how much they mean to us and it can feel like we are always running out of ideas. They may already have all the jewellery they could ever want, and it may feel like you get them flowers and chocolate every year.

Personal Mother’s Day gifts

We can feel like we need to do something really big and expensive, but the expense may be in vain.
Something that makes mothers do so much for us is the personal connection we have to them. It’s their loving heart for you that fuels them to go out of their way. Spouse, son or daughter, who you are is already such a special gift.

Instead of another bunch of flowers or box of chocolates, why not pass on something personal as a gift, whether it’s her first Mother’s Day or one of many. Stickers are very versatile and can easily add a personal touch to any gift. Personalise it with your own short message or just a name. Rather than buying something herself, it is something from you, and that means the world to any mum.

At The Sticker Place, we make it simple to create personalised Mother’s Day stickers online. Using our quick and intuitive online sticker creator, you will be able to design and order high quality stickers in just a matter of minutes. Printed on high grade adhesive and resin coated, these domed stickers have an amazing look and feel to them that is sure to highlight a personal touch to any gift.

Click one of the links on this page or visit our site at to begin designing Mother’s Day stickers. If you have any questions about how our design, printing or shipping process works, don’t hesitate to call us directly.

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